The Fifteen Strangers Mods
03 June 2017 @ 01:38 pm

[The chimes don't announce the opening of the doors this time. Instead, the loud creaking of the doors to the Debate Hall echoing through the Depths are the only signal that the Titled are given. There is still the sense that they do not dare refuse to go.

There is, after all, two death to deal with, as the Intercessor's voice beckons.]


[This time, upon entering and taking their seats, two of the desks have been draped in black. No picture to commemorate the dead, no memorial of any kind - in fact, nothing at all save the black draping. It's like those in charge simply had no care to remember those two. It's likely the same befalls those who die this week, as well.

The chanting in the darkness on the stage is still present, and as before, the logs are folded neatly on the desk. Of course, this time, there is also an extra paper which seems to give a brief description of the evidence found.

Kindness? Or perhaps cruelty to dangle those things in front of the Titled? As the remaining Titled take their seats and the chanting stops, there is only one way to figure things out.

So, get ready, Titled.

The trial of Harley Quinn, the Deceiver, and Ai Haibara, The Dawn and Dusk, has begun.]