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Rubedo ([personal profile] carries_war) wrote in [community profile] 15strangers2017-05-28 01:37 pm

Keep the ghosts in fond memory.

After all the...everything that that trial was, not to mention the horror of that execution - if it can even be called that, something uncomfortable has settled over the Depths. Two people are dead, and while nobody willingly broke the tenuous trust between the Titled to end a life, what actually happened may be worse. Even all the trust and companionship in the world can't protect them from tragic accidents caused by powers they don't understand.

But even so, it's not time to give up and drift apart yet. Yusuke spoke of trust and hope, and one person is determined to keep that alive. A couple hours after the execution, every living Titled (yes, even Eric) will find a note slipped under their door, in what some may consider familiar handwriting:

'Everyone is upset about what happened, but that's just more reason to not leave people alone. Come to the cafeteria, I've made enough food that everyone can have dinner together. You might not feel like eating after watching that, but we shouldn't just go to bed hungry.

- Rubedo'

The exception is McBurn, who just gets a sketch of the first floor of the Depths with the cafeteria circled and a doodle of a cooking pot and various food items in the middle.

When people get there, the entire room smells like vegetable stew courtesy of the communal pot in the kitchen. There's pitchers of water at all the tables, along with bowls of fruit and vegetables from the Conservatex. In one corner is a pile of thick, heavy cloth sheets - blankets for those who just want to huddle up in something warm. It might not be much, but it's there for everyone. That's the important part, right?

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