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Fifteen strangers have been gathered to the Depths. When they awaken, they will feel nauseous in their stomachs. No doubt confused. Perhaps, even terrified. And certainly, there is a good reason for it - they are not where they were before. If they had powers back where they came from, they seem to be all gone. And it appears that someone has left...guidelines for them. Who? Its uncertain. So far, there seems to be no one else save for them in this hot and stuffy place. No...'intercessor' to be seen yet, certainly.

There are a few small graces for this group, at least. Their memories are intact. And, perhaps, they will discover the power that their Title brings to them. But these are only small graces.

So welcome.

There are fifteen strangers in this place.]

((OoC: Welcome to Mock Week! If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM here, or on plurk! And, feel free to join our handy dandy Discord chat!

EDIT: For clarification characters only know their own titles unless they are told otherwise by the character with the title, or by the Intercessor!))

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