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[Fifteen strangers were brought into the Depths to end the world, and they survived, with extra strangers along for the ride. Though the old world ended, creation itself has been preserved, and a new world has been born, shaped by the survivors. Portals to new worlds have been opened, and memories are slowly, but surely, returning.

And what better way is there to celebrate the beginning of a world, but with a spaghetti dinner?

Well, there was plenty of spaghetti, but some people thought that maybe there should be more than spaghetti. The Dragonborn did their best to make non-spaghetti food based on their memories of Tamrielic cuisine - being a cook themselves and cooking their own meals, even as an Emperor.

Spiced coffee with moon sugar and sweetmeat pasties in the shape of the moons, from Elweyr.

Imperial-style spiced sausage, braised in wine, and a tomato-flavored rye bread.

From Iliac Bay, a paprika-spiced rice dish with chicken and roasted peppers and a spiced banana mash in the style of Hammerfell.

From the Alik'r Deserts of Hammerfell, scorpion braised with venom sauce - which Alexis seems to like. It doesn't seem to be poisoned.

From Daggerfall, beet hummus, and stuffed dormice wrapped in bread like sandwiches.

From High Rock, Potage le Magnifique, with Alexis' special, not-lethal secret ingredient, and rock trout, along with fruit dumplings.

Lamb's bone broth with potato dumplings and vegetables, just like in the strongholds of the Orcs - with a dash of rice - and a dessert of carmelized beetroot.

Saltrice flatbreads and Telvanni-style mushroom medley with frost salts, from Morrowind.

Black Marsh King Yellow slug, served raw with some seasoning and wrapped in nut leaf. They are delicious, really.

Of course there is Skyrim's honey mead and blue cheese with honeyed oatcakes, along with horker and ash yam stew from Solstheim.

For now, it's time to relax, and celebrate the end - and beginning. Work can be done tomorrow. Questions can be answered later, if any are left. For now, eat, and enjoy. Bring your friends from home. Be happy, and remember.

There were 15 strangers.

But they are not strangers anymore.]

((OOC: Congratulations on ending Round 1 with the Golden End! For this feast, characters may bring people from their own canons to mingle with other players! Assume that portals have been opened for everyone by this time to go back and forth from their home worlds.

While you're here, please feel free to hit up the HMD, and we'll see you all when Round 2 happens!))
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The End...


[When the Titled wake up next, it's to void darkness.

There is nearly nothing left after what has happened, save for the blackness. Save for themselves, the Dragonborn and Serana as they hold each other, the Thalmor prisoner (who is clearly in shock), the body of the dragon they had attacked in the distance, the tower in the even further distance...

and an old man, sitting on nothing, clapping wildly.]

Bravo! Bravo!! Encore!! That was just amazing.

[Confetti starts to fill the air. It catches fire mid-way to the..ground. Whatever counts as ground now.]

Nothing like a good old world-ending riot, I always say! You all deserve an award for ending the universe as I knew it. Have some bread!

[Bread that looks like Papyrus' pops into their hands. It smells like chicken and god only knows what it tastes like.]

Go on, have a bite!

[This was probably not what anyone was expecting when the world ended.]



[The doors at the other end of the city do not open for the Titled. However, whatever is going on in there still brings forth bright lights from within, and ultimately, it is to the steps of the entrance that everyone is drawn to. It's not the most formal setting for figuring out the truth of the matter before them.

Eric's brought the snacks, at least.

The Dragonborn sits at the top of the stairs, looking down as everyone congregates.]

...Having this key...I am certain I can open the door with little difficulty. But before I do we must make certain we know and understand exactly what we will be facing. What we are facing. These people...they are doing something and we must ensure we can somehow stop it.

[The end is near. The objectives of this quest are simple:

Who is the Mastermind? What is going on in this world? And...of course...why did the Mastermind want to kill 15 strangers?

Good luck, Titled.



[It is time.

The chill which had come from the now-open, unnumbered room has now begun to seep into the rest of the Depths. It seems to call to the Titled, beckoning them to come forward and to face whatever is now beyond that door.

Fie and Rubedo were right - that room was, indeed, the exit to the Depths. And at the end of the staircase is a door, which the Skeleton Key can very easily open. A few seconds later, the door at the top of the stairs opens.

And the city within the cave below is revealed to them, as they stand on a platform high above the ground.

The ruin still looks as new as it did the day it was built. The air here is cold mountain air, though the only light seems to come from one massive building carved into the very rock of the cave. There is nothing coming from the mouth of the cave save for snow.

On the door they just came through is a single parchment of paper which reads "LEINALZIND OUTER DISTRICT." Each building, they will find, is labelled similarly. Which means there is only one conclusion.

Welcome to the city of Leinalzind, Titled. And good luck, teams.

You will need it.]