27 May 2017 @ 12:15 pm

[Soon after the final clue is found, there are three more loud, unsettling tonal clangs, all which go right to the bone. No matter where they are, the Titled will hear another, loud creak.

The set of doors on the left are slowly opening, revealing a long, long corridor, with a very long flight of stairs going upwards, just barely visible at the end of it.

The Intercessor's voice booms through the air and shakes the ground, sounding loud and clear no matter where the Titled might be standing at that moment.]


[The voice brooks no argument. As soon as everyone goes through the set of double doors, they close behind them. There is no choice, and no turning back. The Titled must go up the stairs at the end of the hall. They feel like they take forever, but when the stairs are finally traversed, there is a single door at the top, already open to them.

Welcome to the Debate Hall, Titled. Its the best-lit place you've seen, with gas lamps on the wall bright as possible. Its also the emptiest place they've ever seen so far - its massive and yet the Titled and the Intercessor are the only individuals to be seen in the entire area.

Seems, because there is faint chanting coming from the darkness behind that stage at the other end. There's no real way to hear what's being said, no matter how close you try to get. No way to check if there's even anyone on or behind the stage to make such chanting possible. The only person remotely close to the stage, standing on the stone steps, is the Intercessor.

There is also a faint rumble in the air, as if the world itself mourns the crime committed.

So. Take your seats at your stone desks to face one another as you debate. And yes, they are stone. Yes, they have stone chairs with which to sit in. And yes, your Title is on your assigned chair, etched in with chisel and hammer. Every desk also has a copy of the Writs with Orders 7 and 8 circled, and a copy of the autopsy file of the deceased on top of it; that is all the aid you will get from whoever brought you here. The rest, it seems, is up to the Titled, with what they have found.

Seats 7 and 8 are empty. Their copies of the rules and evidence lay untouched.

Once everyone has taken their seats, the strange, ominous chanting stops. Its time. Bound in blood, the death warrant has already been signed. The contract is complete. Its now just a question of finding the guilty party to fulfill the call for justice.

So, get ready, Titled.

The Inquisition of Laslow, the Spinner, has begun.]
26 May 2017 @ 11:40 am

[Friday morning is quiet enough.

Everything seems to be normal, as before. Normal and boring, even with the strange things happening around the Depths. After all, no one's killed yet. Why would they? Surely something as ridiculous as a weird fruit and a fleeting promise wouldn't provoke anyone to kill to see if something like that was actually true, right?


Still, if anyone was worried, they would at least feel justified at being tense. People were told to kill another in return for the safety and life of a loved one, after all. And it included a way out for someone who succeeded in getting away with it. There may be someone more than willing to kill for that chance.

And that's when you don't consider the two empty rooms, one of which was opened and resulted in more strange things happening. And what happened last week? It hasn't been solved, has it? And no one expected that.

Perhaps it's a thought to look around to make sure there's nothing off this morning.

Certainly, it couldn't hurt.]
21 May 2017 @ 03:31 pm

[As one week changes to the next, the Titled will find themselves having vivid dreams. Very vivid. Perhaps too real to only be dreams. Lost memories? Could it be, then, that those who brought you here did something to your minds along with your bodies?

Whatever the case, everyone, no matter how deep their sleep, are awoken to the sound of creaking, groaning metal coming from the first floor. When they do go to investigate, they will find something surprising.

The set of the doors on the right have opened.

Even the Intercessor seems stunned. It has been an odd weekend for everyone. After all, in between finding items seemingly popping out of mid air, and a bloodied statue that belongs to seemingly no one, its all very...strange.

Somehow, one gets the feeling that those strange items won't be the last they see. Indeed, after the doors open, there's the worrying, foreboding feeling coming back once more. And if those feelings are connected to the strange occurrence on Saturday...it can only mean one thing.

There's really only one way to find out if that's the case. The powers that brought you here certainly aren't going to give anyone a straight answer.

So, Titled: welcome to Week 2.

There are fifteen strangers in this place.]

((OoC: Welcome to Week 2! Remember to do your memory regains and your activity check!))